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In mid-March I began my survey of a Riparian community on Baechtel Creek off of Muir Mill road in Willits. The rains were still fresh and the creek was quite full (though by no means in a flood stage). I selected a large rock situated at the edge of the creek on the southern side and began my survey. My methods were quite simple really, I would sit on my rock and record observations about the animal and plant life that was present. Then, I would roam about the area that consisted of my field of vision from the rock, taking note of any plants and animals that were present, their current state and location. Furthermore, I documented my process with photographs of animals and plants I found interesting. In addition to the individual photos I photographed a panoramic view from my rock near when I began (3-24) and then about a month later (4-28). Finally I did a transect of the area extending fifty feet out from the edge of the creek to get a sense of how the community changed the further I got from the river. The process of documenting my surroundings brought me to the several questions some of which were to be answered and others remain a mystery.