Plants: When I began I first noticed a dominance of deciduous plans along the creek. I theorized about what the advantage of being deciduous were along the creek and later discovered that the great range in seasonal temperature is the governing factor here. I could not identify the trees at first though I guessed at what they might be (getting them completely wrong for the most part). The trees were just budding out and the sun could hit the water easily. In the river itself were small island of bunch-grasses surrounded by thick mosses. I noticed the abundance of lichens on the rocks and the trees (lace lichen) and considered the possibility that they were a sign of the clean air in this area. Nestled between the rocks on the high crest near the river were a few small wild blackberry bushes and unidentified grasses, bracken ferns and mugwart.

Within a week the Oregon Ash's were budding out as were the river bunch-grasses. The Pacific Willows leaves were much more abundant than they had been before. By the end of March the trees were all sprouting and the river grasses were all in full bloom. The water level had dropped significantly.

With the arrival of April and the continue drop in water level the Poison Oak began to take off as did the green algae now that it had abundant sunlight thought the river was more shaded now. The river grass on the shore looked dryer but the ones actually in the river looked more lush and a dandelion had bloomed on one of their islands.

Through April the tree's finished their filling out and the Wild Blackberry began to bloom. The end of April signaled the era of the grasses and flowers as the continued decrease in water dried up the mosses on the bank. Though the ferns in the shade were still doing well as was the green algae that began to spread about the pools, the grasses and flowers began to fill in all the underbrush.

As the community moved into May it seemed to be settling into a new mode of production, the trees filling out and the flowers going wild all along the banks, a celebration of spring soon to be transformed by summer.