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Kurt Lewin Links


Items about Kurt Lewin, articles by him and his students, and articles on Action Research, an approach he pioneered



Lecture on Kurt Lewin at this website Extensive notes and commentary.
SkyMark on Lewin. Thumbnail summary of Lewin's work.

Wikipedia on Kurt Lewin. Julie Greathouse's brief bio, timeline of his life, and example of application of his theory to one community situation.

Kurt Lewin at Another good thumbnail, from a different slant

Looksmart on Lewin. Yet another thumbnail that adds another dimension, in the context of presentation of the 1997 Kurt Lewin Memorial Award to Bertram H. Raven.
Mini-summary of Lewin's work. Looks like a University of Vermont website, but unlabelled.
Kurt Lewin: groups, experiential learning and action research. Brief but good examination of Lewin's life, field theory, action research, and work on group dynamics, leadership training, and democracy
Kurt Lewin: His Impact on American Psychology, or Bridging the Gorge between Theory and Reality. A readable history of Lewin's work in America, by Deborah Ullman.
Kurt Lewin's Change Theory in the Field and in the Classroom: Notes Toward a Model of Managed Learning. Edgar Schein's insightful description of Lewin's work, with applications to organizations and education.
Lewin's A Dynamic Theory of Personality, Ch. 8. A PDF download.
"Theory of Regression in Frustration." Excerpts from classic article by Lewin, Barker, & Dembo.
"Role of the Social Field in Psychology." Full text of a field-theory based article by Abraham Luchins. A PDF download.
"A Lewinian Taxonomy of Psychiatric Disorders." An intriguing paper by Matthew Maibaum.
The Kurt Lewin Institute. This Dutch site is almost entirely in European languages, but has a very brief description in English of the institute and research program are organize
Kurt Lewin: seminal books
"Action Research and Social Movement." An essay on action research by Stephen Kemmis.
"The Methodological Approach of Action Research." A comprehensive description by Rory O'Brien.
"Seven Stages in my First Action Research Project." A personal account by Michael Prendergast.
"Investigating information Systems With Action Research". Richard Baskerville's description of the action research process and its orgin in Lewin's ideas. 
"Participatory action research and people's participation.". Gerrit Huizer's article applying action research to rural development in developing nations.
"Action research applied to teaching."
"Negotiation in Information Systems Action Research". An article by Nereu F. Kock intended for professionals.
"Definition of Participatory Design" An approach closely related to Action Research
"Participatory Design History." David Levinger's description of varied approaches to Participatory Design, including reference to the Sociotechnical Systems approach.
"The force field diagram tool." It's a sales pitch but the illustrated front page is informative.