Sufism and Islam



The Sufis, the Mystical Heart of Islam

Sufism and Shari'ah. A brief introduction

Summaries of all works by Idries Shah. The life work of this man is amazing. I especially recommend his books of teaching stories.

Messages from Ahmed Hulusi. (I can get this with Explorer but not Navigator. From main page, hit "click to continue" under "A Message from Ahmed' Hulusi," then click on any number at the lower right side of the page. Each has a different story or saying.)

The Nimatullahi Sufi Order

The Sufi Enneagram Website, with links to other Sufi sites and a Gurdjieff/Sufi site.


The Q'uran: An online, full-text version

Human Rights and Islam

Islam and Terrorism

The Concept of Jihad's Analysis of Jihad

A Muslim View of War's Islam site. An extensive collection of links.

The Yahoo Islamic Ring of Websites

Letter left by Trade Center/Pentagon bombers


Political and Historical Analysis and Perspectives

Peter Jennings/ABC's discussions with Muslim leaders

Letter left by Trade Center/Pentagon bombers