Work with K-12 Schools

Since 2000, I have been the Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator for the North Bay Mathematics Project, a umbrella organization for professional development in Mathematics for teachers from the North Bay to the Oregon border. A collaboration between Sonoma State University and the Sonoma County Office of Education, with funding from the California Mathematics Project, the Project has offered intensive workshops, facilitated Lesson Study, and other services to hundreds of teachers from dozens of school districts.

The North Bay Mathematics Project usually works with a district to identify professional development needs and opportunities, and then—again working with the district—seeks funding from various sources to make the professional development available.

One current effort is Project LEAD, a $3 million partnership between 4 local districts, Sonoma State, and the Sonoma County Office of Education. The 120 participating teachers (teaching 4th grade through Algebra I) will spend three years of intensive work at expanding their mathematics content knowledge and investigating and improving their teaching practice. This work is funded by the California Mathematics and Science Partnership program.