Modern Algebra—Math 320—Fall 2010

Professor Ben Ford

Office: Darwin 114G

Phone: 664-2472

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00-11:00 in Darwin 108; by appointment; or by discovery.

Homework and presentations!

See the syllabus for information about texts, tests, homework, grading, etc. You should read the handout on "Discovering Proofs" by the second class. Here is the blog post on learning vs performance goals referenced in the syllabus.

Cell phones should be off (not just put in silent mode) during class.


M*A*T*H Colloquium – You should make this a regular part of your week. You are required to attend one lecture that is connected to the content of our class, and turn in a 1-page write up of the mathematics of the talk. From the descriptions, the most relevant look to be September 8 and November 3.

Other books:

There are many introductory abstract algebra books available in the Math Lab (Darwin 108) or cheap on the internet. Favorites include those by Gallian, Fraleigh, Rotman, and Herstein.