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OFFICE HOURS: M 2:00-3:00; Tu 4:00-5:00 W 3:00-4:00or by appointment

If you are having difficulty with the material, or with any aspect of the class, or just want to speak with me for any reason, please come in and discuss the situation. I also urge you to connect with me via e-mail for any reason; I check the above address daily and respond immediately. If you must see me in person and cannot come at one of the assigned times, see me before class, call me or send an e-mail to arrange another time.


THEORY Music 105 (Fundamentals of Music) or equivalent is prerequisite to Music 110. If you have not taken a Fundamentalsof Music course or been exempted by exam, you will need to take an entrance exam for the class.

EAR TRAINING Music majors students enrolled in Music 110 should also be enrolled in Music 120, Ear Training 1.

PIANO Music 110 assumes some piano background. Students whose piano skills are not beyond one year of college level piano should be enrolled in Music 209 this semester. If you completed 109 last semester, you should sign up for the MTWF 11:00-11-50 section; if you have less keyboard experience, sign up for the 12:00-12.50 section.


Harmony and Voice Leading (3rd Edition), by Edward Aldwell and Carl Schacter, published by Thompson.


We will focus on the basic materials of harmony--chord structure, chord progression, chord connection and chord context--as they are utilized in a variety of old and new styles.

There will be many short assignments to develop skill in handling basic harmnonic materials, and, equally important, to explore the musical effects made possible by the manipulation of these materials.


attendance and class participation


daily assignments


exams (2 at 15% each)


EXTRA CREDIT: (10 points maximum)

1 point each for a maximum of 10 Concert Responses to CPA events you attend during the semester.