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Music 270 PERSONAL ESSAY #1 Most Memorable Musical Experience

Write an essay exploring your most memorable musical experience. Choose one experience in which music is the central focus as your subject to discuss, not a type of musical experience, as the basis for your essay. .

Include in your essay answers to the following questions.

When did the experience take place? How long ago? How old were you?

What was the setting for the experience? (concert, home, car...)

How much of the experience depended upon the setting as opposed to the music?

What was the music? Be as specific as you can.

How wasthe music performed? (live, record, tape, video, movie....)

What was your role in the experience--composer, performer, listener or more than one of these?

Was the music itself the sole source of your experience? Or was it a part of a larger context?

Was this a unique experience, or have you had other, less memorable ,experiences with music similar to this one?

Can you imagine someone else in the United States having a similar experience with music today? What about a person living in Israel? In Japan? In Afghanistan?

How much did this experience depend upon the technology of today? Would your experience have been possible technologically 25 years ago? 75 years ago? 150 years ago?

How much did your experience depend upon the way music functions in our society today? Could your experience taken place in the same location 25 years ago? 75 years ago? 150 years ago?

Include your essay in your first Journal submission.to be submitted in an e-mail by Tuesday March 20.