Regular and Zener Diode Characteristics

This write-up describes how to use ORCAD to draw circuits for a regular or a zener diode, apply the simulation profile and find the characteristic graphs for them.

To start, create the following circuit for a regular diode, 1N4002.

Diode Circuit
Figure 1 - Circuit to Investigate the Characteristics oa a Diode

The current marker makes it easier to achieve the desired results. In order to run the simulation, create a new simulation profile similar to the one in figure 2. The range of voltage has to be wide enough to cover the whole spectrum of diode current.

Simulation Profile Settings
Figure 2 - Simulation Profile Settings for the Dide Characteristics

The result off of this simulation is a graph of ID vs. the voltage source.

The process for a zener diode is similar to that of the regular diode. Here are the figures to illustrate this point:

Zener Diode Circuit
Figure 3 - Zener Diode Circuit to Investigate a Zener Diode Characteristics
Simulation Profile
Figure 4 - Simulation Profile Settings for a Zener Diode