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Dialogue Series, Psy 311

This is a noontime series which invites interesting people in and out of the field of Psychology to come and talk about their work. We invite artists, anthropologists, psychologists, therapists, researchers, religious folk come and talk about who they are, what they do, what moves them.
Anyone in the community or on campus is welcome to attend. You're welcome to bring your lunch and join in the dialogue.

This was our schedule way back in the Spring of 1997:

* Dale Borglum, Director of the Living/Dying Project, on Work with the dying (Feb. 6)
* Daniel Sonkin, Psychotherapist, Author, on Work with male batterers (Feb. 13)
* Jan Lowery-Cole, Psychotherapist, on Body-oriented psychotherapy (Feb. 20)
* Lake McClenney, Psychologist and Director of Health Services, Santa Rosa Junior College, on Combining work, practice, and research (Feb. 27)
* Patricia Waters, Art therapist, on Art therapy (March 13)
* Chapman and Nancy Lucas, Educational psychologist and educator, respectively, on Work with the developmentally disabled (March 27)
* Onie Kriegler, Body-oriented therapist, on Somatics work (April 24)
* Neil Russack, Psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, on Animal symbolism in dreams (May 1)
* Ed Van Tassell, Psychologist, on Integrating psychology and Buddhism (May 8)

This was our schedule for the Fall of 1996:

* Cassandra Light, Artist, on Art and archetype
* Claire Cooper Marcus, Environmental planner, on Environmental psychology
* Red Thomas, Psychologist, on The founding of the Sonoma State Psychology Dept.
* Stanley Keleman, Somatics pioneer, on Somatic work
* Ellen Carlton, Sports psychologist, on Sports psychology
* Tony Madrid, Psychologist, on Trauma
* Mark Charnas, Psychotherapist, on Work with violent offenders
* Gloria Enguidanos, Psychologist, on Multicultural and women's issues in therapy
* Bonnie Bruinslott, Mediator, on Mediation
* Ken Otter, Educator & facilitator, on Living the work
* The Rev. Evan Ardley, Minister, on Spirituality and counseling

Class Meetings:
Thursdays at noon for one hour.

This series is for enjoyment and inspiration and is for Credit-No Credit only. Students write an end-of semester paper involving either a plotting out of their own life/work path; or an interview with someone working in the field which speaks to them.

Course Material:
Projects to stimulate our thinking and get us wondering about who we are, what we want to do, and how to move us concretely to the point to which we can make choices.