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Fall 2013

Psy 471, Psychology of Religion

Tues 5-8:40, Stevenson 3072


James Gollnick, Religion and Spirituality in the Life Cycle

Lawrence LeShan, How to Meditate

A Reader will be available for purchase at the Copy Shop on E. Cotati Ave. after the start of classes. The text will be available the first week of classes from North Light Books on E. Cotati in the shopping plaza across from campus; or ordered online from Amazon, half.com or other online sources.

Film Resources

Acting on Faith  2005  43”  religious activism in 3 women Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
American Mystic  2010  80”  Native American sundance, pagan Wicca, mediumship
Art of Faith  2009   2 ½ hrs. sacred architecture   Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Dhamma Brothers 76"
Brilliant Moon  2011  58”  Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Dastaar  2005   13”  Sikh  discrimination
Eastern Mystics  2011  4-part series  2 hr each  Theravada Buddhism, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Advaita, Tao
Fierce Light  2005  95”  spirituality and social activism, Interviews with Thich Nat Hahn, Joanna Macy, Julia Butterfly Hill, Desmond Tutu, Noah Levine, others
God in America  6-part series 50-56” each,  history of mostly Christianity in US; http://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/
God on the Brain  2003  50”  BBC  YouTube
Griefwalker  2008  70” interview with Canadian Stephen Jenkinson, his work with dying

Native spirit and the Sun Dance Way
Into Great Silence  2005   111”  Monastic practice
Le Quattro Volto  2011  90”  cycles of spirituality
Pluralism in America  2005   59”  Diana Eck
Raw Faith  2011  90”  Unitarian female minister’s life changes
Renewal   2007  90” religion-environmental movement, Evangelical, GreenFaith, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhism Green Sangha, Catholic, Native American, Interfaith
Scared Sacred  2006  105”  human spirit within destruction
Through the Eastern Gate 2008  52”  Buddhism Yoga Tantra Sufi
What do You Believe?  2002  50”  Teen interviews, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Paganism, Native American, Judaism
With One Voice  2010  78” mystics Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sufism, Shamanism, and Buddhism

Nature and Spirituality

Rivers and Tides  2003  90”  Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork in nature
The Spirit of the Serpent  2008  60”  earth energy and sacred sites in nature


www.pluralismproject.org    Diana Eck’s website, Harvard project on religious pluralism in US
http://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/outreach/tour.html  Sacred spaces