EC3 – Earth-Centered Communication for Cyberinfrastructure:  Challenges of field data collection, management, and integration

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About this Project

Field scientists face many technology challenges as they investigate the natural world in situ through recording observations, taking samples, and collecting field data.
The goal of the EC3 network is to facilitate a dialogue between field-based geologists, and computer and social scientists concerning the unique problems faced by the field-based geological community.  EC3 will organize two field excursions whose purpose is to expose computer scientists to the challenges of field science and understand what new technologies and infrastructure would allow scientists to work efficiently and innovatively.


Field trip report from the 2014 EC3 trip


Project Goals

The field sciences present specific challenges with regards to data management and incorporating the digitization of analog data into the workflow of the field-based scientist.  These challenges represent unique research avenues for interdisciplinary approaches and have the potential for far-reaching, broad impacts for the research community as a whole.

Issues to be investigated include:

  • bringing technology to the field: hardware, software, connectivity challenges
    capturing metadata and provenance of field-collected data
  • querying repositories of field-collected data
  • knowledge management in field science
  • smart mobile apps for field science
  • standards for field-science data
  • machine learning for field-collected data


Steering Committee Membership

This project is organized by a multi-disciplinary team that includes:

  • Matty Mookerjee, Sonoma State U (Lead Principal Investigator)
  • Richard Allmendinger, Cornell U
  • Jim Bowring, College of Charleston
  • Marjorie Chan, U of Utah
  • Amy Ellwein, Rocky Mountain Bio Lab
  • Yolanda Gil, University of Southern California and ISI
  • Paul Harnik, Franklin and Marshall College
  • Eric Kirby, Oregon State U
  • Ali Kooshesh, Sonoma State U
  • Rick Morrison, Comprehend Systems Inc
  • Terry Pavlis, U of Texas, El Paso
  • Shanan Peters, U of Wisc, Madison
  • Bala Ravikumar, Sonoma State U
  • Paul Selden, U of Kansas
  • Thomas Shipley, Temple U
  • Frank Spear, Rensselaer Poly. Inst
  • Basil Tikoff, U of Wisc, Madison
  • Douglas Walker, U of Kansas
  • Mike Williams, U of Mass., Amherst