Web Site Criteria
Here’s my list of the top criteria that I believe are the most important in evaluating web site content and design. I have tried to balance consumerism or intereste in the web pages with genuine meatiness or depth of information.
1. Established authority of web designer and the information presented. All too often, attractive, eye-catching web pages are the most popular. I suspect, there’s a great deal of suspect information on the web.For example: http://www.eduplace.com. This is Houghton Mifflin's site and it is less reliable in my opinion than http://www.ncte.org/teach/. This is the National Council of Teachers of English curriculum site.
2. Usability of the web page. The most accurate, current information will not be accessed if the pages load too slowly or the page is too difficult to navigate

3. Content is rich in information, well-documented, frequently updated and well-written.
4. There is a valid attempt to present a comprehensive view of the topic or content. In other words, competing views are sited and linked.
5. Attractiveness of the page (we are living in the Pepsi Generation).
6. A wealth of links that add depth to a site. It's a great find in my opinion when I access a site and that site takes me even deeper with auxiliary sites.


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Evaluate at least one of these sites. Keep in mind that you can submit your lesson plan assignment in a similar format!