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This is an index page of web resources for preservice and practicing teachers of reading, writing and the language arts. When you visit a site and find something that you feel offered you new insights, ideas or questions to pursue, email me at maryann.nickel@sonoma.edu and share your views. If you have additional sites that you think should be added to this page, send them to me as well.

Teaching Ideas


Lesson Plans, Units, Themes, materials and ideas related to teaching and learning

California Elementary Education Network

Elementary Educators - Lesson Plans, Units an...

Houghton-Mifflin TeachingResource

California Standards
The California Content Standards
Find the Language Arts Framework among other content standards
Books for Teachers
Texts, stories, pedagogy related to teachingand learning in the language arts

NCTE publishes books for teachers of English and the language arts at the elementary, middle, secondary, and college levels. These books deal with current issues and problems in teaching, research findings, and their application to classrooms, ideas for teaching all aspects of English.


Teaching Resources

What Elementary Teachers Need to Know About Language

Common Errors in English

Author Studies
Directory of Authors' Bios/Autobios
Biographies of Favorite Children's Authors

Jan Brett

Eric Carl

Tomie dePaolo

Mem Fox

Steven Kellogg

Leo Lionni

Maurice Sendak

Chris Van Allsburg


Elementary Educator Online
Classroom Management
Safe Websites
Ben's Guide to Gov't sites for Kids

GetNetWise for Kids

Great Sites for Kids by ALA

Web sites for kids


More web sites for kids

Web Resources
Ask an Expert-Kid friendly site
Children's Books
Multicultural Resources

Multicultural Materials and Books

Latino Bibliography

Award Winning Children's Books

Poetry Alive

Millions o f kid- appropriate Poetry Links

Poetry Pals

Teacher Talk
Chats and Discussion Fora

Currently, NCTE hosts a number of email lists. Many of them are specialized, created for use by small groups focused on particular tasks and projects. Some teacher discussions are open to anyone interested in the topic.

IRA'sVirtual Community is a Web sit where reading professionals can enter into discussion, share experiences, ask questions, make comments, and benefit from the expertise of colleagues around the world.

Issues & Positions
Literacy, ALA Position Statement