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Individualized Education Plan forms for Sonoma County
Here is a source to obtain forms that relate to your case study and key concept papers.

Services from the Sonoma County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)
Each county in California has a Special Education Local Plan Area or SELPA. These organizations offer service and support to special education teachers in their regions. Here's a link to Sonoma County's page which lists services available from this SELPA.

Learning Strategies Database from the Center for the Advancement of Learning
The Center for the Advancement of Learning maintains a database of learning strategies that can helpful in designing educational plans for students.

Study Guides and Strategies from the University of St. Thomas
The University of St. Thomas offers a comprehensive listing of Study Guides and Strategies at this site. Please note that the guides are available in many different languages.

Class Materials

Supporting All Learners with Technology


Publishers Websites


Price List of Adopted California Instructional Materials


Accommodations and Modifications Slide Show

Thinking Maps Resources


Reading Programs

Florida Reading Research Center
The Florida Reading Research Center is a non-profit center that thoroughly evaluates reading programs and shares information about them via the web.

Kevin Feldman's Suggestions for Effective Reading Programs K-6 (PDF Document)

Kevin Feldman's Suggestions for Older Struggling Readers (PDF Document)



LD Online: Tips for Supporting Students with Reading Difficulties
LD Online provides excellent ideas, articles, tips, and practical information to support teachers, parents, and others who are supporting students that find literacy difficult. Please visit the site’s many links to explore a number of top-quality literacy-related resources.

PALS, Peer Assisted Learning Strategies
, combines proven instructional principles and practices and peer mediation so that research-based reading activities are effective, feasible, and enjoyable. PALS is a version of classwide peer tutoring in which all students within a classroom are paired with an appropriate peer to practice the key reading strategies taught in PALS. Pairs are changed regularly and, over a period of time, all students have the opportunity to be "coaches" and "players." There are research validated PALS curricula available for kindergarten, first grade, grades 2-8, and high school. Many schools in Sonoma County and around California are using PALS with excellent results. Click here to read an online revie



How Will I Know A Good Primary Reading Program When I See One? from the Texas Education Center


Beginning Decoding Resources from Kevin Feldman

  • Soundabet—Master Kindergarten teacher Dan Gurney has crafted a wonderful literacy support system to make learning the code (44 sounds and 26 letters) easy and fun for K-1 students. He calls this system, Soundabet, and it is an excellent supplement to Open Court, Houghton Mifflin, or any other solid core Language Arts Program.

  • Balanced Reading—Dr. Sebastian Wren of the Southwest Education Lab has put together a very useful site that has terrific resources for teachers, administrators, and parents regarding effective reading instruction. He has authored a number of papers and related resources, which are available free at

  • Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA)—Visit this website for many useful resources, downloadables, presentations, research papers, etc. with a particular focus on K-3 reading issues. An excellent example of the CIERA work is that of Harvard's Dr. Connie Juel in supporting grade one readers.

  • Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading & Spelling (LETRS )—Dr. Louisa Moats is the creator of LETRS. She believes that, to reach all learners, teachers must understand how students learn to read and write, the reasons why some children fail to learn, and the instructional strategies best supported by research. Teachers need an understanding of the language structures they are teaching. The American Federation of Teachers' Teaching Reading is Rocket Science and the Learning First Alliance's Every Child Reading: A Professional Development Guide endorsed these core understandings. LETRS modules are designed to teach teachers the content outlined in such consensus documents on reading instruction.


Mathematics Resources

Standards-Based Assessment in Mathematics (SAM)

Harvard's Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Project

SCORE Math Site

List of State Adopted Materials- California Dept of Education

Dynamic Math Visualizations for Young Learners

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math Forum

A+ Math

California Dept of Education Mathematics Study Guides

Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra and Algebra I
Student resources for each text include an overview, an outline, hot links, Internet activities, and a self-test for each chapter. Teacher resources identify chapter goals, pre-requisite skills, and key terms. Teachers will also find tutorials, online activities, calculator worksheets, classroom forms and letters, and professional links.

Understanding Understanding

Adobe PDF


Standardized Test Review Form

Microsoft Word Format


Assessment Categories and Uses

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Standards Activity
Work in pairs and trios to find answers for the attached questions. Use resources from California Standards section below.

California Standards

Overview of the Standards Movement

California Content Standards from CSU Northridge

Handbook of Goals and Objectives Related to Essential State of California Content Standards written by ACSA and CARS+


Sample Data for Analysis



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