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Education 420
Child Development in the Family, School, and Community

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Course Schedule: Section 6

Fall 2011

September 21
October 19
November 16
September 28
October 26
November 30
September 7
October 5
November 2
September 14
October 12
November 9

Week 1: August 24

Introduction to course
Remembrance of things past: the contexts of childhood

Week 2: August 31

Overview and application of child development theories

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 3-29
Homework: Library research
and MOODLE profile and introduction forum

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Week 3: September 7

Physical development
The brain and early learning

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod; pgs 144-181; 189;
Supplemental articles on course website: Newsweek and How Babies Think
List your top 3 choices for the Book Club; bring to class;
On MOODLE write 3 possible inquiry questions for your in-depth study assignment
c. Post 1 reading query on MOODLE

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Week 4: September 14

Emotional development
Psychosocial Theory: Erikson
Attachment Theory - Bowlby & Ainsworth
Video: "Flexible, Fearful, and Feisty"
Quiz #1

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 403-431

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Week 5: September 21

Development of identity and social understandings
Behaviorist Theory: Skinner
Social Learning Theory: Bandura
Identity Formation: Marcia
Library Research Workshop

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 443-459; 463; 466-470; 482-487
Supplemental Readings: Skinner and Bandura
Homework: In-depth study proposal on MOODLE

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Week 6: September 28

Cognitive development
Constructivism Theory - Piaget
Socio-cultural Theory - Vygotsky
Quiz #2

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 193-227

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Week 7: October 5

Play and peers
Social Patterns of Play: Parten
Video: "The Power of Play"
Peer-editing groups

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 530-534; 554-559; 570
2+ articles for your in-depth study
Homework: Bring 3 copies of your
Introduction to In-Depth Study - draft

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Week 8: October 12

Language Development
Piagetian Clinical Interviews
Quiz #3

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 313-344;
Begin reading your book group selection.
Supplemental reading on course websites;
Supplemental articles:
The Bilingual Advantage
Read your group's clinical interview task
#1: reading on book handling
#2: reading on seriation and classification
#3: reading on conservation
#4: reading on drawing a person
#5: reading on memory
#6: reading on block building

Homework: Bibliography for In-Depth Study - draft (hard copy)

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Week 9: October 19

Cognition and Intelligence
Information Processing Theory
General Intelligence Theory: Binet, Spearman, Cattell, Sternberg
Multiple Intelligence Theory: Gardner

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 234-255; 273-301;
Supplemental reading on course website: The Creativity Crisis
Begin reading your book group selection

: a. Multiple Intelligence Survey - print both pages, complete, bring to class - Pg 1 Pg 2
b. On MOODLE forum: Write a paragraph evaluating what you noticed from your MI survey; respond to a classmate's
Post 1 reading query on MOODLE
Check out Teaching Tolerance’s webpage on Mix-It Up Day
e. Quiz Team Feedback on MOODLE (confidential)

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Week 10: October 26

Presentations of in-depth studies

Due: In-depth study and abstract • Bring hard copy of paper as well as submit to TurnitIn on MOODLE

Read: Continue reading your book group selection

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Week 11: November 2

Influences of families on children
Book Group Discussions – Development in different contexts
Bio-ecological systems theory: Bronfenbrenner

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 63-84; 92-96
Complete your book group selection
Homework: Bring the written responses to 2 questions for your book group: questions #1 and another decided within your group

Book Group Discussion Questions:
The Glass Castle
The Ride Together
The Devil in the Details
The Other Wes Moore

Funny in Farsi
True Notebooks

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Week 12: November 9

Societal and Cultural Effects on Children
Moral Development Theory: Kohlberg, Gilligan
Prosocial Behavior
Quiz #4 (quiz practice)


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Week 13: November 16

Influence of media, technology, and popular culture
Video - "Mickey Mouse Monopoly"

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 581-585
Supplemental articles on course website:

Homework: MOODLE – Debate on juvenile justice

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Week 14: November 30

Community Support for Families and Children
State of America's Children Research

Read: Children Now: California Report Card 2011
McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 578-581
Homework: Post
Community resource agency report on MOODLE- Post on MOODLE and respond to a classmate’s

Week 15: December 7

Culture of schools
Exceptional Children
Video: “Educating Peter”
Quiz #5
(quiz practice)

Read: McDevitt & Ormrod: pgs 182-185; 266-268; 303-308; 347-350; 435-437; 472-473; 571-577

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Week 16: December 14

Project Share

Due: From Theory to Practice Project


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