Sonoma State University -- French 101

First-Semester French


Réunions: le lundi et le mercredi de 10h à 11h50 dans la salle Stevenson 3028
Professeur: Christine Renaudin
Bureau: STEV3016D
Téléphone: 707.664 3159
Heures de permanence: le lundi et le mercredi de 13h à 14h ou sur rendez-vous

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In this class you will be doing the great majority of your homework through the QUIA on-line lab manual which accompanies your text. You must have access to the web (and preferably to Internet Explorer) to do the homework for this class! Note that on-campus labs are available to all students, and the Language Laboratory (Stevenson 1040) gives priority to students in language classes who are doing work for those classes while there.

Advantages to using the QUIA on-line lab manual for Horizons:

  • Many exercises are immediately self-correcting, so you will receive instant feedback, see the progress you are making right away, and can correct mistakes as you make them!
  • Any exercise that is not self-correcting will be sent automatically to me so that I can review it for you!
  • The QUIA program has been set up to track the time you spend doing your lab exercises no matter where you do them! In other words, you do not need to do your lab homework in the language lab; the system will simply keep track for me of how much time you're spending there on a weekly basis and I will use this record to assign grades for lab time at the end of the semester!
  • You can do both oral and written lab work in the same place without a tape player!

Note that only a subset of important "journal" exercises will be counted for your final homework grade in this class. They are marked on the syllabus as "exercice compté" and you should make sure you do each assignment on a daily basis. They will be given a grade out of 10 pts. (Just to be clear: the journal exercises count for the homework grade in class; minutes you accrue in the lab will count toward your CR/NC grade in the lab section.)

So, welcome to Quia! Quia provides a fun and dynamic environment where you can complete your out-of-class work. Instead of doing your workbook with paper and pen, Quia allows you to complete your work electronically. You get instant feedback to the questions you answer in a variety of activity and game formats only Quia provides.

How to use the on-line manual of Horizons for French 101 at SSU:

  • 1. I will distribute instructions for registering for the QUIA on-line manual in class.

    Once you have registered for the on-line manual of Horizons, you use the manual as follows:

    2.Go to

    3. Click on Students.

    4. Click on Log in.

Scroll to the chapter you're interested in in the lefthand bar and clicking on Go will take you directly to a table of contents of that chapter's exercises. These exercises are arranged by compétence (or section). We will cover approximately one section per class, so you will need to find and complete both the oral and the written exercises for that section to do before the next class.

For example, in the Chapitre préliminaire, after our first day of class, you should go on-line and do:

  • WP 1 A-H: written exercises A through H;
  • and LP 1 A-D: oral (Lab) exercises A through D.

Some of these will be fun activities and others will be sample quizzes. Use these to check that you are really assimilating everything you're learning.

Remember, I will be getting a record of all of your results (or "grades") on these exercises, so be thorough and don't forget to do the work when the work is assigned. Good luck!

Page d'accueil du cours
Description du cours

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