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           Ph.D.                                         Columbia University                                                  1988


          Certificate (M.A.)                      Columbia University                                                   1988

                                                              East Asian Institute

                                                              School of International Affairs

          M.A.                                           Teacher's College                                                       1979

                                                              Columbia University

                                                              Family and Community Education

                                                              Univ of California, Santa Barbara                              1978

                                                              International Education

          B.A.                                            Cal State College, Sonoma                                         1975

                                                              Psychology and Pre-med

                                                              Emory University                                                        1972

                                                              Psychology and Pre-med



         2001-present                               Adjunct Professor, Cal. State Sonoma

         2003-2005                                  Adjunct Professor, St. Marys College

         2000-2005                                  President, Interact Research.  Consumer opinion surveys

         1999-2000                                  Educational consultant and writer for Mosaica Education, Inc.

         1998-1999                                  Academic Dean, Verde Valley School

         1990-1998                                  Assistant Professor, Department of Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

         1990-1993                                  Research Associate.  Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University

         1988-1990                                  Research Associate, Project Director.  Far West Laboratory for Educational Research, San Francisco

         1989-1990                                  Lecturer, Anthropology.  City College of San Francisco

         1988                                            Lecturer, Anthropology.  Stanford University



          Saint Marys College                   Qualitative Research Methods in Education

          Sonoma State Univ.                     Liberal Studies, core curriculum.

                                                              Human Development Seminar

                                                              Freshman Seminar

                                                              Global Studies 200, 300, 350, 498

          Harvard University                      Culture and Human Development. 

                                                              Youth, Culture, and Society in Comparative Perspective.

                                                              Cultural Construction of Self, Person, and Individual. 

                                                              Practicum in Qualitative Methods in Education. 

          City College of San Francisco     China: Tradition and Revolution. 

                                                              Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

          Stanford University                      Cultural Bias. 



          Board member (2010-present), Novato Youth Center.  Novato, CA.

          Director of Faculty and Curriculum (Academic Dean) at Verde Valley School.

          Duties:  hiring, mentoring and evaluating faculty, planning and scheduling courses, curriculum development, school accreditation, tracking student achievement, communicating with parents, coordinating application of special learning resources, developing academic policy.

         Director of Taiwan Studies Workshop for Harvards Center for East Asian Studies.

          Duties:  Manage a budget for inviting outside speakers, planning publications.

         Faculty Director of Masters Admissions, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

           Duties:  Oversee a group of (30) faculty and students for the purpose of evaluating candidates for admission to HGSE.



          1993-1995                                  Who Commands the Respect of Youth: Study of youth and moral authority in the Boston metropolitan area.

                                                              Funded by the Spencer Foundation

          1992-1994                                  Individualism in Taiwanese middle class youth. 

                                                              Funded by the Spencer Foundation, the Milton Fund (of the Harvard Medical School), and the Harvard Graduate       School of Education.

          1991-1992                                  Asian students adjust to American school settings.

                                                              Funded by the American Institute for Foreign Study Scholarship Foundation.

          1990-1991                                  Undercount in a multiethnic public housing project.

                                                              Funded by the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

          1988-1990                                  Changing Relations:  Asian  immigration in a San Francisco neighborhood.  Funded by the Ford Foundation.

          1988-1990                                  Community-based change in education.

                                                              Funded by the U.S. Office of Education through Far West Laboratory.

          1984-1986                                  Youth cultures, social identity, and social mobility in an urban Chinese setting (Taipei, Taiwan).

                                                              Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and the Pacific Cultural Foundation of Taipei.




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          Shaw, Thomas A.  1985  To Be or Not To Be Chinese: Differential expressions of Chinese culture and solidarity in the British West Indies.  Ethnic Groups  Vol 6, Pps. 155-185.

 books in progress  

          Shaw, Thomas A.  in progress  Choosing New Ancestors:  Modernity and Moral Authority among Youth in a Changing Society.

          Shaw, Thomas A.    in progress   Learning youth culture:  Ethnography as Apprenticeship in the Everyday Lives of Young People.

 reports and papers

      Shaw, Thomas A.  1989  Newcomers and established residents in North Beach,  San Francisco.  Published for the Ford Foundation at Far West Laboratory for Educational Research.

          Jenks, C. Lynn and Thomas A. Shaw  1988  Educational restructuring: an early look.  In The Redesign of Education:  A Collection of Papers Concerned With Comprehensive Educational Reform.  Vol 1.  Far West Laboratory for Educational Research.  San Francisco.

 presentations at conferences

          Shaw, Thomas A.   1997   Symbolic entitlements:  The culture of new middle class youth in urban Taiwan.  September.  Conference on Taiwan.  University of Illinois, Urbana.

          Shaw, Thomas A.    1996  Individualism and collectivism in American youth.  Talk given at the Institute of Higher Education.  August 3.  Beijing, China.

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          Shaw, Thomas A.    1985  Youth cultures in the everyday lives of young people in Taipei.  Institute of Ethnology.  August.  Academia Sinica.  Taipei, Taiwan.



          1982-1983                                  Columbia University President's Fellowship

          1982-1983                                  National Resource Fellowship for study of Chinese.

          1976-1978                                  Kappa Delta Pi (honors society in education)



          Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

          American Anthropological Association

          American Ethnological Society

          Council on Anthropology and Education

          Society for Psychological Anthropology

          Association for Asian Studies

          Fairbank Center Advisory Committee, Harvard University



         Chinese (Mandarin)



        available upon request