Performance Evaluation
Global 300

Attendance: You may miss up to 3 classes, regardless of the reason. 4 absences will lower your grade by 4 percentage points, 5 absences by 8 percentage points, and any more than 5 absences will result in 10 percentage points deducted from your grade. So-called "participation" is also considered. If you don't contribute to class discussions, your grade for the class will suffer.

Exams: The two exams, the first Oct. 17 and the second Dec. 7, will consist of a combination of multiple choice and short answers. Each counts as 15% of your grade, for a total of 30%.

Presentations: Every student will present once to his/her classmates on a "case study" based on a current event in the region covered in class. Choose a current event that describes something that nicely illustrates the issues discussed in class and in the readings. For example, for China, find something that illustrates peoples' responses to economic inequality in China today. For Haiti or Africa, find something that illustrates how people are dealing with a health epidemic. For the topic of the environment, describe how people in Africa are standing up to government and/or corporate power to preserve the environment.  For the issue of "cultural contraction," any region of the world will be fine...your choice.  But be sure to cover conditions somewhere in the world, or a movement led by an individual or small group, that resists cultural contraction and that successfully promotes cultural pluralism and tolerance of difference. Most importantly, be sure to use your case study to analyze the situation using concepts learned in class. Your grade will depend on how well you analyze the play of factors involved, including the power of human intervention. It will be 25% of your grade.

Final Paper: The final paper is 35% of your grade. Use this paper to argue a point, or analyze multiple sides of a global issue.  You can choose any global issue that interests you.

Preparation for the final submission of this paper will proceed in stages. First you will need to submit a thesis statement that outlines the argument you plan to make in your paper.
Due: Wednesday, September 14

Second, you will need to submit an annotated outline of your final paper. This is an outline of the structure of your analysis (not writ in stone; can be modified) in which you include references you will use to address the issues in the outline. A bibliography that lists all of the cited sources in the outline must be included. An example of a student's annotated outline is here.
Due: Wednesday, Nov. 2

Third, you will need to turn in a final paper, 8-10 pages (nothing is numbered other than the main body of your paper...not the bibliography or "title page" or anything else). In this paper, you will need to analyze a global issue as described here
Due: Wednesday, Dec. 7