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Current Projects

Perceptions of Social Class

Race, Beauty, & Latinx Workers in the Retail Industry

Budgets Matter! Understanding how Budgets are a Proxy for Values in Politics

Resiliency Characteristics of Low-Income and Latinx Couples

College Students' Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Decision Tax in Health-Related Decision Making

Destructive Leadership in Academia: What has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic and distance education

Myths that Cause Crime, Revisited

Patriarchal Belief System and its impact on Women of Color's Career Development

Informing The California Penal Code Revision Committee Proposed Statutory Reforms to Reduce Mass Incarceration

Survey of Sediment Rich Locations in the Laguna de Santa Rosa

When will people challenge injustice?

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Sophomore programs at SSU

Undergraduate research at SSU




Would you like to...

  • work closely with an active SSU faculty scholar?
  • get a head start on graduate school relevant experiences?
  • build important research skills?
  • add something special to your resume?

Consider participating in SSURI (Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative)!

Selected students will work closely with a faculty mentor and be paid $15.00 an hour for 50 hours of work (up to $600.00 total).

Applications open Monday, March 15, 2021

Application deadline: 11:59 pm, Friday, April 2, 2021 


The application will ask you to select a first, second and third choice, so please read ALL the descriptions carefully and choose projects that best suit your interests. Note that many faculty work across discipline boundaries, so do not limit yourself to projects that match your current or anticipated major. 

Application review will be completed as soon as we can (and before the end of term). The initiation and completion date will be determined by student and SSURI faculty mentor. If you are selected for a project but are unable to complete the work, it not only hurts the research project but prevents other students from benefiting from this opportunity,so let us know as soon as possible about any problems.

Step 1: Prepare your application

Read the faculty project proposals carefully to see if you have the required skills and qualifications. Available projects are listed below:

Make sure you are eligible. Students who are second year students (e.g., "rising juniors") with a GPA of at least 3.0 are encouraged to apply. Projects might require specific coursework. Please read the qualifications listed in the project description carefully. First year (e.g., "rising sophomores") and third year (e.g., "rising seniors") also can apply (however, we cannot hire students who do not plan to enroll at SSU for Fall 2020). First priority will be given to current second year students.

Submit your application information ONLINE. You will be asked for contact information and a statement of interest for your selected project. In your statement (no more than 250 words), make sure that you address the following two questions: What do you hope to get out of this research experience? What skills or experiences can you bring to the project? Be prepared to cut and paste your statement into the online application from a word document. You will receive an email that will confirm that we received your application.

Step 2: Submit your application online

Step 3: After application submission

If the faculty member selects you for an interview, he or she will email you to make an appointment (make sure to list an email address that you check regularly). If another student is selected for the project, you also should receive an email. There is no need to contact the faculty member direclty.

Step 4: Requirements if you are selected

Complete a Learning Contract with your SSURI faculty mentor. Meet with your SSURI faculty mentor as soon as possible to set up a schedule, discuss the project and complete the learning contract. You and your SSURi faculty mentor both should keep a copy of the learning contract to submit with your final evaluation reports. You also will need to complete additional paperwork in order to be paid.

At the end of your project (and before your final payment will be released), complete an assessment of your experience. You should expect to spend at least 30 minutes completing this report.