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Psy 280: Research Methods

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Course Requirements:

    • Take three closed book, non-cumulative in-class exams. You will be asked to identify terms and solve brief research problems discussed in class.
    • Turn in three sets of "three questions". Two sets of questions should be about a different textbook chapter. One set of questions should be about the research paper that you plan to review for the final paper.
    • Complete three course projects: 1) develop and pilot test an attitude scale, 2) analyze the content of television programs and 3) design an experiment.  For each project, you will be asked to write a two to three page summary of your experience.  The paper should include a precise description of the methods you used, present the information that you collect and offer your interpretation of the information. All the course projects will be more fully described in separate handouts.  Co-authored papers will not be accepted.
    • Select a psychological question that interests you, and locate three empirical studies that report research related to the issue. You will select one of these three references to review in the research review paper.  Your review of this research study should be summarized in a research review paper due the day of the final.  The final paper is more fully described in a separate handout.

    There will be occasional opportunities where I will ask you to turn in class exercises. Completion of these exercises will represent 10% of your final group.


Heather Smith, Ph.D.
Psychology Department
Stevenson 3089

Course assignments:
Research review paper
Three questions assignment
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Helpful information:
Guide to APA reference format
Sample APA style paper