CompletePlanet [.pdf, .zip]


CompletePlanet concerns itself with the "deep" Web, "content that resides in searchable databases, the results from which can only be discovered by a direct query," and thus cannot be indexed or queried by traditional search engines. The site offers a number of resources related to the "deep" Web, including a listing of approximately 13,000 "deep" Websites (out of an estimated 100,000 total) organized in 20 subject categories. Each category breaks down into numerous topical headings, and listings for the individual sites include a description and rankings for relevance, popularity, and links. CompletePlanet's database is also keyword searchable. The site notes both new additions and the most popular sites and offers a detailed search tutorial. Users who would like to learn more about the "deep" Web are invited to read CompletePlanet's 41-page white paper, "The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value," offered in HTML, .pdf, and .zip formats. Users can also download a free 30-day trial version of a new utility (Lexibot) that can search the "deep" Web.[MD]