Course Resources

The website you will use to access iLrn is accessible via: or -- all homework assignments can be found here, and you need to set up an account with a password to access them.

A useful website which accompanies a previous edition your text is:
(It contains great activities and games, including sample quizzes and tests, links to iTunes selections and podcasts you hear in class, links to Youtube videos, links to GoogleEarth coordinates related to our class, flashcards, cultural activities, a glossary, and games (concentration, crossword puzzles, etc. Even though it's for a different edition, the content of each chapter is essentially the same, so do consult it for extra opportunities to study!)

If you have questions or problems with the on-line homework exercises, contact QUIA directly at:

The website of the French Program at SSU:

Course Reserves:

The Bay Area Francophile List website, which lists many, many local activities related to French, including movies, concerts, plays and more, is: