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Professor Emeritus and Past-Chair, Psychology Dept., Sonoma State University. Other teaching posts have included the University of Michigan, University of Montana, and University of New Hampshire. Psychotherapist (inactive), private practice. Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor - State of California.

Marketing Consultant:

Founder/Owner of e-FocusGroups. Formerly partner with Tony Wolff and Company, a marketing and marketing research consulting firm. Project Director, Focus Group Moderator, and analyst for corporate clients including IBM, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Atari, Northern Telecom, PacTel, Bank of America, McKesson, Arthur D. Little, Microrim, Electronic Arts, Memorex, and The New York Times, among others.

Group Facilitator:

Thirty-five years experience facilitating business meetings and retreats for corporate, small business, university, and social service clients; idea generation, planning, goal setting, conflict resolution, team building. Experience and training in all sorts of groups, business and otherwise: NTL, Synectics, Focus Groups, Tavistock, HRD training, wilderness, Esalen, encounter, Synanon, NLP.

Computer Expert:

Taught introductory university-level computer programming courses. Experience with mainframe timesharing systems, minis, and micros. Personal computer used for word processing, database, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, telecommunications, programming, and research. Marketing consultant to computer industry.


Over 100 publications in newspapers, national magazines, and international journals. Author of scores of management reports, with past experience as an advertising copywriter. Editor-in-Chief of QRCA VIEWS (quarterly magazine of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association). Co-author of This Is The Zodiac Speaking: Into The Mind of A Serial Killer.


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