Subject to Change Upon Arrival to Class


Hutchins School of Liberal Studies				Francisco H. Vázquez 
Office Hours:  M,T 3-4:40 or by app. 			        Telephone:  664-3185

Course Goals:

l. To deepen the process of careful, critical reading and the ability to raise questions about the readings.

2. To develop the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both in the seminar format and in writing.

3. To assess yourself as a learner--your strengths and weaknesses, where you have been and where you are going.

4. To begin the portfolio process.

Required texts:

Portfolio (available through instructor) - $14.00.
Available in Hutchins Office: Hutchins Handbook - $1.00.

Available in Copperfields:
Bartholomae and Petrosky, Ways of Reading
Oliver, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat
Rose, Lives on the Boundary
Shor and Freire, A Pedagogy of Liberation

Course requirements:

l. Regular attendance, punctuality, participation.
2. Writing a weekly response papers as a way of preparing for seminar participation.
3. Completion ON TIME of FOUR ESSAYS (4-5 pages) as noted in Weekly Schedule.

Weekly Response Papers (1-2 printed pages): They are a way of preparing for active participation in each class. I suggest that you begin by stating succinctly in your own words what you think the piece is "about." Then ask yourself where you agree and where you disagree with the author. Or, they may be based on the exercises at the end of your readings (Questions for a Second Reading, Assignments for Writing, Making Connections) or Assignment Sequences. Your entries might also include (but need not be limited to) the following:

--discussion questions: a question or issue to place before the class for discussion. The question/issue should be one which gets at a controversial idea of problem area, and which lends itself to more than one point of view;

--key concepts/terms: write in your own words brief synopses of the key ideas of a piece. Or write in your own words definitions of key terms;

--key passages: look for passages which seem especially provocative or meaningful. Gloss the passage to see where it might lead you.

Grading: LIBS 302 is a CR/NC course. Two different kinds of NC are possible: a probationary NC which means that the course may be repeated once, and a terminal NC. Successful completion of LIBS 302 is required for continuation in the Hutchins program.

Policy on plagiarism: Plagiarism is using someone's words or train of thought without acknowledging the source. It will result in a NC in the course.

Special accommodations: If you have need for in-class accommodations or special arrangements because of a physical or perceptual limitation, please let me know during the first two weeks of the semester.

C-BASE (a general assessment of your level of knowledge in four broad areas): this examination will be given on September 22, Friday 1:00-5:00 pm and 23, Saturday, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. It is required of those students who plan to go on for a credential; it is optional for others. Cost - $10.00.

I will be asking you to share your weekly response-essays with each other at the beginning of our discussions and turn them in at the end. You should keep them in a journal or notebook so that you can use them to write papers.


I.8/29		Introduction to Seminar Process.
II.9/5		Rose, pp. xi-132
		Paper #1 Topic: Educational Autobiography (from Assignment 8, third choice, p.779).
                          Sell portfolios - $14 (check or correct change).

III.9/12	Rose, 133-242. 

IV.9/19	Ways of Reading (WR):  Introduction 1-13;  "Working with Assignment Sequences (AS)," 
             765-779; Freire, 206-222; AS One, 1, pp. 770-771.  		
							 Rich, 463-479; AS One, 2,3, pp. 771-773.	
V.9/26		WR: Pratt, 442-62; AS One, 4,5, pp. 774-776; Fish, 140-57; 	
		          AS One, 6, 7, pp. 776-778.

VI.10/3 Paper #1 due: Educational Autobiography. Paper#2 Topic: Select one of the choices in Portfolio under Core II (p. 12) and do it as a research paper. WR: Percy, 423-41; Kuhn, 311-25; Portfolio, Core II. VII.10/10 Handouts: Feyerabend, from "Science in a Free Society;" Interview with John Brockman, author of The Third Culture . Access question/answer with author through Internet: VIII.10/17 Portfolio, Core IV; The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, pp. vii-x; Part one, intro., 2, 3, 9; Part two, intro., 11,12, 14; Part three, all; Part 4, intro., 23, 24 . IX.10/24 Paper #2 due. Paper #3 Topic: Observation and analysis of particular situations everyday life. WR: Willis, 704-30; Fiske, 158-77; Miller, 360-80; Portfolio, Core I. X.10/31 WR: Limerick, 326- 357; Anzaldùa, 25-66. Power Relations XI.11/7 Portfolio, Core III; WR: Berger, 67-96; AS Eleven,1, 2, pp. 840-844 XII.11/14 Paper #3 due. Paper # 4: Foucault and Berger: Making Connections p. 204 , item 1. WR: Berger, 67-96; AS Eleven 3, 4, pp. 840-844. XIII.11/21 Shor and Freire, chps. 1-4. XIV.11/28 Shor and Freire, chps. 5-7. XV.12/5 WR: Foucault, 178-205, AS Twelve,1, 2, pp. 845-852. XVI.12/12 WR: Foucault, 178-205, AS Twelve, 3, pp. 845-852. Note: we meet from 2:00-4:00. Paper # 4 due.