Math 300



Dr. Wilson

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1. Susan has two and 1/2 hours to rehearse her speech. Her speech is 3 pages long. If she wants to spend the same amount of time on each page, how much time will she have to spend on each page?


2. Melissa and Michelle went skiing at Mammoth. 1/3 of the mountain is rocky, and another 1/4 is snow covered. What fraction of the mountain is either rocky or snow covered?


3. In #2, the rest of the mountain is covered in forest. What fraction of the mountain is forested?


4. A recipe for pancakes calls for 3/4 cup of flour and Bob is making it two and a half times the number of pancakes called for in the recipe. How much flour will he need?


5. Jane's car gets Thirty and one third mpg. She bought four and one quarter gallons. How far can she travel before she runs out of gas?


6. Ten children went to soccer practice. 1/2 decided to go for pizza afterwards. It takes 3 children to eat 1 pizza. How many pizzas did they eat?


7. In # 6, they ordered 2 pizzas. After the kids ate their pizza how much was left over for the adults?


8. If it takes 1/4 hr to type 3/4 of a report, how long does it take to type the entire report?


9. It is 3/4 of a mile to school. One day when Jane walked to school, she got 2/3 of the way there before she remembered that she had forgotten her homework. She walked back home, got her homework, and walked to school. How far did she walk?


10. There is 8/9 of a mile from home to school. I have to walk 1/4 of the distance. How far is that?


11. If Jane loses four and a half pounds per week, how long will it take her to lose 21 and a half pounds?


12. Clear Lake holds two hundred fifty and 9/10 acre feet of water. Lake Sonoma holds eighteen and 4/5. How many Lake Sonomas will it take to fill Clear Lake?


13. Linda weighs seventy-five and 3/5 pounds. Big Bobby weighs three and 1/3 times that. How much does Big Bobby weigh?


14. There was 5/6 of a pie left. Mary and Joe ate 3/4 of that. How much pie did they eat?


15. John gathered 12 eggs on Monday. On Tuesday, he gathered 1/2 of that amount. On Wednesday, he gathered 1/2 of the amount of eggs that he gathered on Tuesday. How many eggs did he gather on Wednesday?


16. Susan needed 2/6 of a pound of sugar for 1 batch of cookies. She made seven and a half batches of cookies. How much sugar did she use?


17. Ann spent 3/4 of an hour on the phone. She talked to Sally 12 of the time. How much time did she spend talking to Sally?


18. Mary had a jar of jelly beans 2/3 full. She divided them equally between herself and a friend. How much did each friend get?


19. Sarah is on a diet. She can only eat 1/4 lb. of turkey breast for lunch. She stops by the deli and orders 1/4 lb of turkey breast. The clerk slices off 3 slices (all the same size) and weighs them. The three slices weigh a total of 1/3 lb. Sarah says, "I can't eat 1/3 lb. I'm on a diet." The clerk says, "Fine, I'll only charge you for 1/4 lb. Sarah says, "But I can't eat 1/3 lb. I'm on a diet." The clerk says, then just eat "1/4 lb. and give the rest to your dog." How many slices can Sarah eat?


20. On a remote desert island a team of anthropologists finds that 2/3 of the adult females are married to 1/2 of the adult males. Assuming that all marriages are monogamous and heterosexual, what fraction of the adults on the island are married?


21. Sallie Jo was mixing up a cheesecake. The recipe called for 1 package of cream cheese to go with 5 eggs along with some other ingredients. Unfortunately, Sallie Jo had only 3 eggs, so she had to adjust. How much of the package of cream cheese should she use?


22. Sallie Jo was mixing up a cheesecake. This time she had a different recipe which said that she needed 2 packages of cream cheese to go with 9 eggs. Unfortunately, she only had 7 eggs. How much cream cheese should she use if she adjusts the recipe to use 7 eggs?


23. Jill was making fudge. The recipe called for 3/4 of a pound of chocolate, but Jill only had 2/5 of a pound of chocolate. What part of the recipe could Jill make?


24. Tom and Tina Termite were jogging when Tina said to Tom, "How far do you think we've gone, Tom?" We've been out here for 3/4 of an hour and we usually go 8/11 of a foot per hour." At that rate, how far would they have traveled?


25. Someone had cut off part of the stick of butter, so Carol couldn't read it all, but the part that she could read was marked "6 tablespoons - 3/4 stick'. How many tablespoons of butter are there in a whole stick?