Math 150

Dr. Wilson

About This Web Site

This web site contains the material covered in the Math 100 course. In addition to the current syllabus and the homework and groupwork assignments, there is reference material. There is a collection of definitions theorems and constructions which may be used in proofs of theorems which will be covered in class. A rigorous development of these basic theorems may be found in the Analytic Foundations of Geometry. There is also a set of projects from which you may choose the project assigned in the syllabus.

The illustrations on the homepage for the course are two constructions which were proved to be impossible using compass and straightedge. The top one is Archimedes' trisection of the angle, and the one on the side is the doubling of the cube. The doubling of the cube does not use a compass. It uses a T-square and drafting triangles.