SSU Library's "IT Matters!" Speakers Series Explores Issues Related to the Nov. 6 Election

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Below is the list of all the lectures:

September 19 – Noon, Schulz 3001 Constitution Day Discussion The year, the annual Constitution Day celebration will be a discussion on the topic: Is the Constitution Under Attack? SSU faculty will frame some of the current issues and provide plenty of time of Q/A. You can test your Constitution knowledge on our website

October 3 – Noon, Schulz 3001 Taxes and the Economy Presented by the School of Business and Economics, this discussion will lead us through some of the many complicated issues around taxes and the economy. What are some of the real issues behind all the political rhetoric.

October 10 – Noon, Schulz 3001 Gender, Race, and Class in Election 2012 Is there a war on women? Is this election about class? Does race play a factor? This panel by the Women and Gender Studies Department will quide us through these and other questions about social issues in the election.

October 17 – Noon, Schulz 3001 Deciphering the Ballot Students from Professor David McCuan's Pols 484 class will present information about the many important initiatives on the California ballot. What is each initiative about, who endorses, who doesn't, where is the money coming from … and more.

November 7, 2012 – Noon, Schulz 3001 Post-Election Wrap-Up SSU President Ruben Armiñana, Professor David McCuan, and other local politicos will this discussion about what just happened.