Calling all Faculty and Staff to a Horrendously Hideous Halloween Happenin', Oct. 31

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Throw all caution to the wind and join our all-purpose party host, former SSU employee and perennial weisenheimer, Rick Minervini!!* AKA Fiz-Nik Rick, Dancin' DJ & Entertainment Expeditor/MC for this shindig scheduled to kick off in the Commons at high noon!

Come dressed in the spirit of the day and prepare to parade your costume across the stage, or put on a show to entertain your fellow employees. (Please try to keep your performances to about 3 minutes.)

Beware Rick is threatening to make you laugh, sing, dance & jump on the table tops so wear your dancin' shoes and be prepared for anything!!

Special Thanks to the Staff Development Committee for underwiting the Show, and also to SSU Entrepreneurial Activities and to CSUEU, Sonoma 304 for donation of prizes!