CSU Chancellor -Designee White Requests Board to Reduce His Compensation by 10 Percent

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Timothy P. White, who will become the chancellor of the California State University at the end of this year, today requested that the CSU Board of Trustees reduce the state-funded portion of his salary by 10 percent. White was scheduled to receive an annual salary at the same level as the current chancellor, $421,500 from state funds plus a $30,000 supplement from CSU Foundation sources. At the Chancellor-designee's request, the board lowered the state-funded portion of White's salary to $380,000. The change does not impact the Foundation supplement of $30,000.

"Despite the passage of Proposition 30, there remain grave economic issues to solve in California and the California State University," said White. "The success of the measure was the voice of the voters and taxpayers of California to start to reinvest in education. I also recognize that Californians expect me to properly steward these resources. Consequently, as I join the faculty, staff and students who have experienced cuts, salary freezes, and increased fees, I too must do my part. This is the basis of my request to reduce my own compensation to contribute to the rebuilding of this great university."

White indicated that he made the decision to request the reduction after speaking with a variety of stakeholders, both internally at the CSU and externally, and that he viewed the compensation reduction as appropriate in light of the fact that most employees, including presidents, have seen no pay increase since 2007. CSU Board Chair Bob Linscheid commented on White's decision saying, "Tim was not obligated to make the request to reduce his compensation, but it is a testament to his commitment to the CSU and a demonstration of his leadership."

White has served as the chancellor at the University of California, Riverside since 2008, and succeeds CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed who is retiring following a 14-year tenure with the system.