Emeritus Announcement

FROM: Sally Sacchetto, Director of Faculty Personnel

SUBJECT: Privileges of Faculty Emeriti

I am pleased to inform you that the President, following recommendation by the Academic Senate, has recently granted the faculty members listed below status as Faculty Emeriti. Please afford these distinguished colleagues all the privileges outlined in the policy on Faculty Emeritus.

Leslie Adler, Hutchins School of Liberal Studies; Ai-Chu Wu, Mathematics; Anthony Apolloni, Political Science; Richard Svendsen, LEEE; Ed Castillo, Native American Studies; Susan Moulton, Art and Art History; Sue Hayes, Economics; Cindy Caruso, Financial Aid *; Nancy Lyons, Theatre Arts; Phyllis Tajii, Student Records*; William Poe, History; David Page, Communication Studies **; Robert Worth, Music; James Hiserman, Athletics **


** Awarded for retirement in previous years.

The policy on Faculty Emeritus is available for review on the University website, if you have questions not answered there, please feel free to call me. A full list of Faculty Emeriti is available in the University catalog.