November Programs from The HUB!

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The HUB hopes that you are all well and that your classes are going smoothly. We have a lot of exciting programs coming up for the month of November that we think you'll be interested in.

November 9: Transcultural Leadership Collective; 1:30 – 4pm in The HUB (for more information, please contact us at

The next Transcultural Leadership Collective (TLC) Retreat will be taking place November 9. We will continue to deepen our connections through social justice and community building practices we started at the first TLC retreat and talk about the collective creative project, including a potential mural project for the spring! We look forward to continuing to strengthen this coalition of leaders from Campus Allies for Racial Responsibility,FAASU, Jes Hmoob: Hmong Alliance Association, United by Struggles, Queer Straight Alliance, Associated Student Productions, Sonoma Alliance for Gender Empowerment, Black Scholars United, Latino Students United, Democracy Matters, Raza and Native American Council, and Associated Student Government.

November 13: Veterans Luncheon; noon – 1p.m. (for more information, please contact Adrianne Price at

The HUB is pleased to support our diverse veteran students on campus and honor them for their service.

November 14: Wisdom Traditions Series: Young mystics of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism; Multi Purpose Room 11:30a.m. – 1 p.m.

Many of us think of religion as a set of beliefs that individuals and groups take part in without much effect on everyday life. Did you know that all of our world's great wisdom streams – Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism – have what are call esoteric, or mystical cores? Rather than focusing on mere belief, these mystical cores work more like scientists conducting experiments. Each of these mystical cores provide transformative practices that lead to real changes in the way we experience everyday reality. Come hear how the mystical paths have revolutionized the lives of five spiritual practitioners in their 20's and early 30's. Free!

November 14: Dr. Angeles Arrien: Director, Foundation for Cross-cultural Research and Education; 1 – 3p.m. in The HUB

Dr. Angeles Arrien will be returning to give her next workshop in the Four Fold Way Series. Her topic for this workshop is focused on the Way of the Healer, and the practice of staying connected to what has heart and meaning in our lives. Angeles' work as a cross-cultural anthropologist has been to synthesize the core practices common across many ancient modern wisdom traditions in order to create a set of four principles and practices that can be used to navigate the "mystical path with practical feet" in our daily lives. Free!

November 15: Teatro Milagro Presents: B'aktun; 7:30p.m. in Ives 101

B'aktun, a bilingual Miracle Theatre production written by Portland playwright Daniel Malan, explores the prediction that drastic world will shift will take place when the Mayan long count calendar comes to an end on Dec. 21, 2012. While the spiritual side of the ancient prophecy fills plenty of space along the plotline, Malan also ties in contemporary issues of immigration, assimilation and identity that hit even more powerfully and poignantly than the thought of a world that may be no more. Themes of acceptance and unification unfold to remedy the impending doomsday through a narrative of three main characters after they are deported from the U.S. to Mexico. In this case, the passing of the 13th B'aktun doesn't necessarily mean the end. Instead, it marks the breakdown of borders and the new beginning of a new understanding of social constructions and the natural free world. Free!

November 16th: Emerging Leaders Reception 3:30 – 5p.m. in The HUB (for more information, please contact us at

The HUB, in partnership with Leadership Programs, seeks to bring together emerging student leaders interested in cultivating a more aware and vital campus. During this reception, The HUB will be the first site for the unveiling of the "Faces of SSU" project put on in partnership with Residential Life. This project involves 30 diverse students, who were photographed and interviewed. The posters display the unique stories that they all tell. This project will aid us in cultivating an awareness of the differences in lived experience.

November 28: SPOKE Poetry Program and Open Mic, featuring Christina Perez; 6:30p.m. in The HUB

Christina is a Latina slam/performance poet and a California Poets in the Schools teacher in training. Her work is sometimes bilingual, self-exposing, and she hopes, connecting. FREE!

November 30: Just Vitality! Program

For more information please email