Judge Brad Seligman is Keynote Speaker at
Launch of Center for Ethics, Law, and Society

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Sonoma State University’s new Center for Ethics, Law, and Society officially opens on at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in Warren Auditorium with a public lecture by Judge Brad Seligman. Seligman’s talk is entitled, “Big Law, Small Law: Old and New Civil Rights in the 21st Century". A wine-and-cheese reception will follow. The campus community is invited.

Seligman is one of SSU’s most accomplished alumni (class of 1975). After graduating from Hastings College of Law in 1978, he became a teaching fellow at Stanford Law School and a senior law clerk for US District Judge Laurence K. Karlton.

He then joined the firm of Saperstein Seligman Myeda and Larkn, eventually founding and becoming the executive director of the Impact Fund, which is a non-profit dedicated to supporting large civil rights cases.

In his practice, he has specialized in class action civil rights cases, including the recent Wal-Mart gender discrimination class action. He was recently appointed Judge to the Superior Court of Alameda County.

From discrimination and income inequality to emerging revolutionary technologies, warfare, privacy, and bio-tech, the Center has been created to be a leading resource in the San Francisco Bay Area. Joshua Glasgow, philosophy lecturer, is its director.

The new Center's three-part mission is to engage with the community, foster student learning, and promote faculty scholarship as a way of extending the philosophy department's role throughout the campus and community. These objectives will be served by events that cater to all three constituencies, including an inaugural lecture and other talks.

It will also host Bay Area research groups and provide SSU students with career enhancement and intellectual growth opportunities.

Glasgow says future plans include a named lecture series, a named scholarship competition for students focused on pre-law and applied ethics, and a variety of workshops and conferences revolving around specific issues of ethics, justice, and the law.