Dr. Richard A. Rodriguez Memorial Fund Seeking Social Justice Proposals

Created to honor and recognize Dr. Richard A. Rodriguez’s personal and professional commitment to foster social justice among people of diverse backgrounds, the Social Justice Action Award supports projects of Sonoma State students interested in social justice.

The award supports initiatives and projects that take action to foster a safe and respectful learning environment as well as reduce acts of intolerance, discrimination, and hate related people within the Big 8 of Diversity: culture, race/ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, social class, and disability.

This semester, the award will fully or partially fund up to four student projects. Each project may have a budget of up to $250, which should clearly reflect the proposed goals.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to develop collaborative projects with students and become their mentors. Mentors are responsible for verifying the quality of the proposal and ensuring it follows the guidelines. If approved, mentors are responsible for monitoring the proposal’s progress to completion and all expenses are used appropriately within the budget.

Proposals must be turned in by midnight on March 4. No proposals will be considered after the deadline. Applicants will be notified no later than March 11 of the status of their proposals. An award ceremony will be held to honor those projects selected.

Written proposals should be approximately 4-5 pages, Times 12 point font, and single-spaced. Expected content should be included in each section, the project budget should not exceed $250. If the proposal cost exceeds this amount, students should outline plans for additional fundraising. Any items purchased on the budget will become property of Sonoma State University.

Proposals should be submitted in PDF and/ or Word formats to the following committee members:

Elisa.velasquez@sonoma.edu; brent.boyer@sonoma.edu; baldwije@sonoma.edu; mellod@seawolf.sonoma.edu; mark.fabionar@sonoma.edu.

To become a mentor, or to find out more information contact Elisa Velasquez at elisa.velasquez@sonoma.edu or Jeff Baldwin at baldwije@sonoma.edu.