Armand Gilinksy - A Special Case

Dr. Armand Gilinsky joined the Sonoma State faculty in 1994. Before receiving his doctorate in business with an emphasis in policy from Brunel University of London, he received an MBA in finance from Golden Gate University and degrees in educational administration and policy analysis as well as English from Stanford University.

Currently a professor of business at SSU, Gilinsky has served as Director of SSU’s Entrepreneurship Center, Wine Business Program, and Small Business Institute. Since 2009 he has been involved with the Educational Policy Committee; serving as chair for the past two years.

Throughout his career, Gilinsky has contributed to ten refereed journal articles such as the Journal of Management Education and the New England Journal of Entrepreneurship and has had 22 refereed case studies published in journals; several of which he has won awards and honors for.

Recently, Gilinsky was awarded the 2012 Best Case Award from the North American Case Research Association, along with Noorein Inamdar of San Jose State University, for their case, “Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?” The case -- which was chosen as one of the top three submissions from among sixty-five cases presented at the Association's 2010 conference in Gatlinburg, Tennessee -- described the implementation of strategic corporate social responsibility at Good Hotel in San Francisco.

When in class, he utilizes his cases as a teaching aide. “Armand’s cases challenge students to consider issues of social importance such as sustainability, diversity, ethics or corporate governance,” said one of his colleagues. “These cases truly challenge a student’s understanding of the course material and critical thinking skills.”

“Their logic and analytical skills are honed by wrestling with the issues presented in cases,” observed a business colleague. "Students also benefit because they have opportunities to be involved in the development of new cases by helping him with research."

Aside from publishing studies, Gilinsky enjoys sharing his expertise with others and has attended over 80 academic conferences and community engagements throughout the years. He has also spoken to the crowd at the SSU Commencement for several years including last year’s ceremony.

“During the entire time that Dr. Gilinsky has been at Sonoma State University he has been a prolific scholar and outstanding teacher and is known for his enduring support of students and colleagues alike,” said another one of his colleagues.


Dr. Armand Gilinsky was recently named a recipient of the 2013 Bernie & Estelle Goldstein Award for Excellence in Scholarship in recognition of his outstanding scholarship and research.