Spring Workshop for Faculty on
"Connecting Students to Careers"

The Professional Development Subcommittee and the Provost are sponsoring the following workshop for SSU faculty this week in the Faculty Center. All faculty are invited to participate. To register go to http://bit.ly/i6x8BS

Connecting Students to Careers: How Faculty Can Translate
Course Knowledge into Employment Skills

Monday, April 8, 3 -5 pm
Wednesday, April 17, 8 - 9:50 a.m.
Facilitator: Sheila Katz, Dept. of Sociology

This workshop will help faculty more explicitly explain and convey to students how their course learning translates into knowledge or skills to be used in future careers. As faculty we know that many of the learning objectives in our courses DO connect to skills that students will use in their future careers, especially for those highly sought-after “soft” skills.

Faculty will work on their own courses to brainstorm the skills that students learn in the course and how to connect that to careers. We will highlight the multiple ways that faculty can help students understand explicitly which skills they learned, which ones they excel at, how to present it on a resume, how to talk about the skill in a job interview, and how to use it on the job or in a career that they are passionate about, and examples about how past students (or others in their field) have used the skill on the job or why the knowledge is important to various types of careers.