New Health Care Insurance Coverage

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about the Affordable Care Act (ACA); otherwise known as ObamaCare. Below is an overview of ACA and what it means. ACA is a significant overhaul of the US healthcare system. The primary objective is to decrease the number of uninsured individuals and reduce overall healthcare costs. Each year there are provisions of ACA that employers, insurers, and individuals must implement or adhere to.

For example, employers must notify employees about the availability of buying health insurance through an insurance exchange which in California is known as Covered California. Covered California is available for individuals that are not eligible for health insurance through their employer or do not have access to health insurance. Covered California has a menu of affordable health insurance options for individuals to choose from. CSU is required to forward notices announcing Covered California to all employees regardless if they are benefits eligible or not. Payroll and Benefits department will provide a notice by October 2013 to all faculty and staff.

Looking ahead, ACA requires all individuals to have health insurance effective January 1, 2014. In addition, all health plans must comply with ACA guidelines that prohibit individuals to be denied coverage due to having a pre-existing health condition and waiting periods for insurance may not exceed 90 days. Employers will be required to offer affordable coverage to all employees working an average of 30 hours per week and implement specific IRS reporting requirements effective January 2015.

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The Covered California notice will also be included in all employees pay warrants in the month of September or can be viewed by visiting the Payroll and Benefits, Benefits Services page. For employees on leave or who do not receive pay during the month of September, the notice will be sent to the employees mailing address. Please contact the Payroll and Benefits main line at x4-2793 with any questions or concerns.

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