Applause Awards

Housing, Residential Life, Facilities, IT, Dining Staff, SSU Bookstore, Seawolf Services, and Marketing Staffs Department

Now that the students have all moved in and we are officially in another year and semester, I wanted to take a minute to bring attention to the amazing staffs at the Housing Office, Residential Life, Facilities, IT and Dining!!! The efforts of Housing to orchestrate the applications, notifications of where people were housed, and the entire move in process were incredible. It really does take a village (campus) to do the checking and rechecking of facilities, to place items of welcome and info into the student rooms, to the creating a wonderful opening BBQ, to take care of issues as they arose on opening days, to make sure signage was up and ready to go, to continuous garbage pick-ups, to ID cards and payments being made, to host receptions, opening building meetings and so much more. The amount of time and effort put forth was really noticeable and I heard so many positive comments from parents and students about the process and how sooth it was. I know this does not JUST HAPPEN! Sorry if I missed anyone :) Thanks everyone! Here's to a great year!

— Nominated by Mo Phillips, August 20, 2013

Mira Aceves, Chris Bramble, Lisa Revere, Todd Wright, Network Security and Communication Services

In addition to the last minute hurly-burly of the Student Center networking issues, Mira, Chris, Lisa, and Todd found time to expedite emergencies in Social Sciences (printer issues) and School of Education (networking activations) that made it easier for these schools to prepare students for the new semester

Nominated by Michael Hazen, Information Technology, August 26, 2013