Campus Movie Fest

This amazing event showcases Sonoma State students' five minute long masterpieces; films all made within the week of October 2-18. We will supply a digital camcorder, a tripod, a Mac laptop equipped with iMovie and Final Cut software, 1,300 songs to create a soundtrack and have expert staff on hand for a week to provide technical assistance. This back by popular demand event at SSU is completely free and will culminate with the finale at the SSU Commons where the top 16 films will premiere on Friday, Oct. 18 at 8:00 p.m. For a video visit

All are nvited to join in on the movie making process especially those who have never previously handled a camcorder and worked with film editing software. In the 21st century, preparing students to enter the workforce leads to more than study in their field. Students must become familiar with all aspects of essential technology including filmmaking. As a cutting edge state university, Sonoma State cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity to participate in such a fun and educational event. Over 100 teams signed up last year! Many were affiliated with SSU classes. CMF is the perfect opportunity for students to produce a quality video that could qualify as a culminating project for your class.

Campus MovieFest began at Emory University in Georgia in 2000 as a program put on by residential life staff and has quickly grown in the last twelve years with film fest taking place every year across the country and even in the United Kingdom. This year, the top films from Sonoma State will compete against those from Stanford University, San Jose State, Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley in the regional finale-taking place in Los Angeles. The participants in SSU's first place film (up to 10 members) could win great prizes and teams in the regional finale have a chance of winning Apple computers and many other valuable prizes as well as having their films screened the Cannes Film Festival.

Please encourage your students to participate no matter what their interests may be; if it's a class project or done just for fun on their own. For FLC, Freshman Cohort classes and U150 classes this is the perfect class project that will both educate and entertain. It only takes a group of four to sign up as a film making team. The films can be comedies, dramas, science fiction, action and adventure, thrillers and documentaries; the possibilities are endless.

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To view last year's top national films, visit If you would like a short presentation on CMF, or would like a DVD of the promo video, please email Elena Hubbard at

For any other questions, please contact Bruce Berkowitz at x4-2782 or