Coming Together Through All Languages

The world is full of different tongues and dialects. Although the spaces that separate people today are getting smaller, it goes without saying that communication is becoming more important in day-to-day activities. An obvious step to creating efficient means of communication is to first know what language a person speaks. Sonoma State University has taken that first step with the Moodle-powered Language Database.

The Database is the result of a new initiative agreed upon by the President’s Diversity Council called: SSU Language Community or the SSU Language Datebase. The goal is to create a welcoming campus atmosphere by creating a language database keeping track of campus community members who speak a language other than English. As of now SSU has 33 languages present on campus, and include Russian, Portuguese. Hebrew, and Bulgarian.

All materials posted within Moodle are user-generated. The Database’s goal is to create language communities. In other words, to create a place where friends can converse in their native languages, and tutors can enrich an already thriving extended learning community. To join the Language Database please email Laurel Holmstrom at and ask to be added to the Moodle site.

For more information about SSU Language Community, visit