Faculty and Staff News

Farahmand Returns From a Life Changing Experience in Africa

Farid Farahmand, Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science, is back from his seven-month trip to Ghana this summer. While in Ghana, he taught a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in the Computer Science Department at the University of Cape Coast.

In collaboration with Academics without Borders Canada http://www.awbc-usfc.org, Farid was also involved in coordinating the only Ph.D. program http://faridfarahmandresearch.blogspot.com in Computer Science in the country. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Farahmand was also involved in several educational and community projects aimed at improving education at primary and secondary schools.

Farahmand described his experience in Ghana as one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in his personal and professional life. He highly recommends taking advantage of such international opportunities for other faculty and students.

"Living in Ghana and visiting other West African countries was an eye opening experience,” he said. “Perhaps the most educational aspect of it was to learn about different cultures, cultural values, lifestyles, and people.”

We learned about the richness and long history of these cultures and how we are all linked together. We realized how little we know about the world we live in and how our lifestyles can impact each other," Farahmand said. To learn how he and his wife, Ivonne, spent their time in Ghana, read their blog at http://ourlifeinghana.wordpress.com.

Tech High Coach is the Best

David Kimari was featured in The Press Democrat's “Best of Sonoma County 2013” publication as the Best High School Sports Coach. Kimari earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Exercise Science with Cum Laude honors in the Summer of 2012. He is now in the kinesiology master’s program and serves as the track and cross country coach at Technology High School on the SSU campus. Principal Mims of THS says of Kimari "He's dialed in to his athletes. He's a great motivator, he's very competitive, and he inspires and instills that motivation in all our athletes." Kimari says of himself, "I love coaching because I love teaching."

Rivoire Earns Grants on Power Consumption of Large Scale Computers

Suzanne Rivoire, Assistant Professor of the Computer Science department has received two external awards this year, totaling $103,832, to study the power consumption of large-scale computing facilities. The two awards, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Computing Research Association, have funded five SSU undergraduate researchers to study the power consumption patterns of typical applications that run in supercomputers and data centers.

Rivoire says “supercomputing and cloud computing facilities provide enormous amounts of computational power to scientists and everyday users alike. However, the high power consumption of these facilities threatens their ability to increase their performance in response to future demands.”

Her previous work, conducted in collaboration with Microsoft Research-Silicon Valley, was the first to quantify the challenges of modeling the power consumption of large-scale computing clusters.

Rivoire and her colleagues at Microsoft proposed a high-level modeling approach to overcome these challenges and validate it across a range of hardware platforms and software applications. They also showed how to integrate these power models into a mechanism for enforcing variable hardware power budgets.