Looking Forward—and Back

University Library Site Reflects Upon 50+ Years

Images of campus life, history and scholarship are now easily found on the University Library website.

SSU: History of a University

This new online exhibit celebrates the history of SSU and its rich, vibrant past with photographs, documents, media clips and more, dating from its start in the early 1960s.The exhibit is just getting started and the Library wants to hear from you about events, people or years that you would like added. http://omeka.sonoma.edu/exhibits/show/ssu-history-digital-exhibit

Relive Graduation

The University Library has recordings of SSU Commencement ceremonies on DVD and CD going back to 1962. Although the content of each recording varies, they offer memories of an important life event for each SSU graduate. The disks are available for loan from the Library or can be purchased for a small fee. Unfortunately, the Library is missing some years: 1963, 1981, 1986, 1995-1998, 2000-2004, 2008 and wants to know if you can fill the gaps.

Online Master’s Theses Now in SSU ScholarWorks

Recent SSU graduate students, as well as alumni, are making their master’s theses available online. For those that want to showcase their thesis, from any year, in SSU’s digital archive, send to SSU ScholarWorks at http://sonoma-dspace.calstate.edu/. Other's research may be of great value to students and scholars around the world. Showcase the hard work made – and make it available online. The master’s theses was hard work — why not showcase it online?

For more information about any of these projects, email specialcollections@sonoma.edu