Meet the Department

In one year, the office of Outreach and Recruitment sees more than 16,000 people step into Salazar 1010. With support from the admission staff, this department’s essential responsibilities are showcasing the appeal of Sonoma State University to each interested and potential incoming student.

Forming relationships and sharing knowledge about the wide variety of opportunities this campus holds, is just one of the large attributes the office of Outreach and Recruitment is a part of.

The essential responsibilities of this department consist of hosting tours, seasonal travel and recruitment as well as designing their own publications. In the spring, this office hosts two major events. One called Seawolf Decision Day, which is held on Saturday, April 12, and the other called the North Bay College Fair (WACAC), which host 150 universities. These two events are the foundation of not only bringing and welcoming students but sharing what opportunities college brings to each son, daughter, friend or self.

On behalf of WorkPlace, please say hello to the office of Outreach and Recruitment.

The office of Outreach and Recruitment can be reached at: x4-3029; or

From left to right: Magali Telles EAP Coordinator, Gina Geck Associate Director, Melanie Gonzales Freshman Outreach Specialist, Kerbrina Boyd Transfer Outreach Specialist, Billy Lo International Admissions, Rose Kelley Graduate Admissions.