Infusing Sustainability into Courses

Dear Faculty;

On behalf of the Sustainability Executive Committee (SEC) I am writing to share with you an exciting initiative -- an RFP to support faculty and lecturers who want to deliver course work in sustainability.

The dry days of this winter remind us that the ecology is fragile. Not having an adequate snow cap means much more than no ski holidays. It means no water for the Coho Salmon to swim upstream to spawn, no fields for livestock to graze, difficult times for crop farmers and grape growers, wilted gardens and dry lawns, and higher prices for water and for all that we eat. The common wheel is suffering, and it is not just through water shortages in Northern California. It seems so important that we engage our students at early stages of their college careers to learn about the interconnectivity of the earth they are inheriting, and at more advanced stages to do something about sustaining that fragile ecology.

This RFP (click here to download) is intended to foster and infuse sustainability into the curriculum so that students seek better ways of managing the environment, seeing and remaking culture, and constructing new economies that don’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. There are many students on campus who are already deeply engaged in these issues. Through courses this RFP seeks to create, the SEC asks the University community to engage even more students in creating a sustainable future.

Please pass the word to colleagues and consider collaborations across disciples. Let me know if you have questions, and thank you.

Paul Draper
Director of Sustainability