Faculty News from the Communications Department

Assistant Professor Emily Acosta Lewis is coordinating the opening of the Communications Studies Department's newest media outlet, a public relations firm on campus. She has a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her teaching expertise is in Public Relations and New Media.

Congratulations to the Sonoma State STAR for winning the American Scholastic Journalism Association's highest honor, the First Place With Special Merit Award. The new advisor to the STAR is Paul Gullixson, Editorial Director of the Press Democrat.

Communication Studies advisor to KSUN, SSU's student radio station has rewired and updated the station (www.ksunradio.com) helping to continue to deliver digital and live streaming programming to the campus community. Campbell gave extensive local news and public affairs coverage on the shooting of 13 year old Andy Lopez by a Sonoma County Sheriff Deputy in the Moorland neighborhood of Santa Rosa, and the subsequent, on-going protests, on Sonoma County's radio stations KZST, KJZY, and KTRY.


Associate Professor Ed Beebout aired two documentaries on KRCB-TV (PBS) during 2012 and 2013. “News in a New Age” examined the game-changing impact of the Internet Age on the future of print and broadcast news and information. “Digital Dialogues” examined the ways the Internet, social media and smart phones are fundamentally changing interpersonal communication, particularly within families. Beebout also continues to advance the SSUTV program, including the expansion of live streaming capabilities and an in-progress studio lighting upgrade.

Professor Marco Calavita teaches mass communications, media criticism, theory and screenwriting. He has been a frequent contributor to WIRED magazine. His crime-drama screenplay "Wrongful", based on the controversial true story of Marty Tankleff, is attracting interest from Hollywood producers.

Professor Elizabeth Burch presented her article, “Paradise and Poverty: The State of Health, Science and Environmental Journalism in Developing Countries,” at the Conference on Communication and Environment, hosted by the International Environmental Communication Association in Sweden at Uppsala University in June 2013. Uppsala University is home to the Department of Informatics, which is a sister program to the Department of Communication Studies. COMS majors regularly study for a year abroad in Sweden.