6th Annual SCURF Conference Reaches Multiple Disciplines with the Expansive “Imprints” Theme

One of the aims of this year’s Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum (SCURF) was to broaden its reach to the wider campus community. The 2014’s theme, “Imprints: Humanity’s Footprint on Time and Space,” was deliberately developed to be applicable to research from a wide array of disciplines.

With most submissions historically hailing from the School of Social Sciences, this year’s conference promises to analyze the “Imprints” theme from a multitude of perspectives, ranging from the biological sciences to film studies. The conference will be held in the Student Center’s Ballroom B on Wednesday, April 9 from 5 – 9 p.m. In addition to dishing up original presentations, food and drinks will also be served.

Dr. Matthew Clark will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 SCURF conference. Clark is Associate Professor in the School of Geography and Global Studies here at Sonoma State University, as well as Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Analysis (CIGA).

Clark received his PhD in geography from UC Santa Barbara in 2005 and his areas of expertise include remote sensing, GIS, and biogeography. More recently his research has been focused on economic globalization and land use patterns in Latin America and the Caribbean, hoping to provide some insight into balancing biological diversity with economic development.

A sampling of presentations this year includes “Tengu: A Story Based on a Myth,” “Physarum Machines and Network Analysis,” and “Caves of the Guatemalan Sierra De Las Minas Mountain Range: A Contrast Analysis of Homo sapiens Interaction with Karst Systems.”

(SCURF) is a student operated forum founded in 2008 by the SSU Anthropology Club. Its goal is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to write, submit and present research papers in an academic setting in front of their peers, along with the chance of being published in the annual SCURF journal, which will be available for purchase.

This process provides SSU students with invaluable experience in conference participation and research publication at the undergraduate level. SCURF organizers envision the conference continuing to grow each year and providing this great preparatory experience for those who might be interested in pursuing graduate school, or for anyone who is simply interested in learning about the research that is happening throughout the campus community.

For more information about the conference or for questions about how to submit next year, please email scurfabstracts@gmail.com.