Applause Awards

Arcelia Cabrera

Arcelia Sandoval Cabrera

(and SSU team)

When the family and friends of Ashley Donahoe and Oliva Burke called Arcelia to find out if SSU could be the venue for a Celebration of Life reception in the girls' honor the following day, Arcelia dropped everything to assist. With the help of an amazing team of SSU staff (see list below), Arcelia accomplished, in one day, what normally takes weeks to plan. This was a large event and Arcelia managed all the details and enlisted all the right people to help make the event a success.  This was all done outside the scope of Arcelia’s normal duties. Thank you Arcelia and SSU Team!

  • Alex Purroy, Culinary Services
  • Cecilia O’Brien, Conference Events and Catering
  • Culinary Services Staff
  • Doug Schiller, Campus Prints
  • Erik Greeny, University Development
  • Glen Brady, Technical Services
  • Jessica Way, Student Center Operations
  • Lisa Andresen, Culinary Services
  • Lynn Stauffer, Office of the Dean of Science and Technology
  • Nate Johnson, Police and Parking Services

Arcelia and SSU team went above and beyond, performing exemplary work and support to ensure this event was successful even though they had so little time to plan it. SSU impressed the local and Irish communities with its outstanding service.

- Nominated by Sue Hardisty, Office of the President, July 13, 2015

Tyler Lobe

Tyler Lobe

Athletic Department

Tyler helped me with a project recently that involved a lot of paperwork, some digging through archives, and plenty of patience. It would not have come together without his prompt, courteous and knowledgeable assistance. He was easy to work with and made an otherwise tedious task much more manageable. Thank you!

–Nominated by Nicolas Grizzle, University Affairs, July 24, 2015

The Applause Award program provides all members of our community with the ability to nominate an individual or group of staff, administrators, faculty or student staff who demonstrates behavior which exemplifies performance related to the program criteria. This is a public way to thank someone that has made a difference in your work life. Your nomination will be posted on WorkPlace and on the main Employment Services site with a picture, and the nominee will receive a certificate of recognition.

Examples of when an applause award may be appropriate:
• Goes beyond the call of duty
• Assists without being asked
• Completes a task in a manner that allows others to more easily complete their work
• Performs exemplary work or support for a special event or campus function

How to Nominate
Take five minutes to complete the Applause Nomination (Seawolf ID required) form and submit it. Nominations are accepted year-round.