It's always good to have a second person read an essay. They can catch mistakes that you may have overlooked.

As part of our regular assessment of services, we have collected many hundreds of tutorial evaluations. Of those, all but a tiny minority have been positive--sometimes effusively so. Here are some of the things students have reported about the quality of our services:

I was able to use my own way of writing. There was a lot of freedom to develop my own train of thought.
Helped develop specific ideas, and got me started with a train of thought.
She helped me find my thesis and explained different formats of writing.
I was helped to see many little mistakes that I had made. I feel that I have learned for my future writings how to edit my own work.
I can relate to [my tutor] because she told me that she makes the same mistakes I do. She really took time to help me with my essay.
My tutor helped me with grammar, sentence structure, and many other areas that I had some concern with.
I am a nonnative English speaker, so it is hard for me to write papers without help.
The session made me think clear and helped me keep writing. I got some new ideas about the paper and how I should continue.
[My tutor] is great. I came to her 13 times or so and she really knows how to help people with writing and doing this as well as making the person (me) feel better about what I am doing.