MAP tutors and WC tutors provide similar services but MAP tutors have training and experience in working with multilingual learners.

MAP and LSS provide similar services, but are funded by different federal grants. MAP staff are trained to serve the specific needs of multilingual students.

Go ahead and fill out an MAP application form. Once you turn in the completed form, we will check your eligibility and let you know your status.

Unfortunately, federal requirements stipulate that the MAP program can only serve U.S. citizens and permanent residents. However, AB540 students are welcome to meet with Writing Center tutors.

Contact the Writing Center at (707) 664-4401 or stop by Schulz 1103.

Yes! Our math specialist is available to assist you with your math classes, as well as any math-related work for other classes. Appointments for MAP math tutoring are made through the Writing Center. Stop by Schulz 1103 or contact the Writing Center at 664-4401.

Just about any type! MAP tutors can assist you with all stages of academic writing, from initial brainstorming to reviewing the final draft. They can also help with statements of purpose for scholarship, graduate school, and special programs, as well writing for professional purposes, such as resumes and cover letters. MAP tutors can also assist you with WEPT test preparation and practice.

Writing Center tutors can assist any students who are not eligible for the MAP program.