Envision Your Future!


Goals that Motivate and help you Achieve
Thursday, March 8th at Noon in Schulz 1121
Feeling overwhelmed by your workload? Struggling with procrastination and lack of motivation? We are here to help! At this workshop, you will learn how to create attainable goals and design your own path toward success. You can begin working on your goals, get your questions answered, and receive individualized assistance with personal goal-setting.


Now We’re All Stressed Out!


Tools to help you de-stress and thrive
Tuesday, April 10th at Noon in Schulz 1121
Pulled in too many directions and overwhelmed by your responsibilities? Struggling to relax and focus? College is an exciting time, but it is also an extremely stressful time. You will walk away from this workshop with practical tools that will help you take better care of yourself, face challenges head on, and learn to let go of anxiety.